Public Reprimands - November 2018

UIL (The Leaguer) 12/6 4:59A
Football Bruni High School Patrick Colbert Collinsville High School Daniel Johnson Evant High School Shawn Harrison Judson Woodlake Hills Middle School Devon Kinney Longview High School Bradley Faulkner Melissa High School Christopher Oestreich...

A Day in the Life of a Professional Hockey Player

Mesquite BubbleLife iReporter 11/30 3:00A Allen Americans
As the hockey season ramps up, we wanted to take a look at what it takes to be an Allen Americans player. What does a normal day look like? What are the ups and downs?  Today, we have insights from...

Celebrating 10 Years: The Allen Americans Over the Last Decade

Mesquite BubbleLife iReporter 11/2 1:00A Allen Americans
For 10 years now, locals have donned their red apparel and pledged their allegiance to the Allen Americans. The team was founded in 2009 by the Central Hockey League, and since then, its established a...
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