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Adventures in Art Camp

3 Camps!  June 19 - June 22 / July 10 - July 13 July 31 - August 3
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Finally an Art Camp taught by award-winning, certified instructors of the Robert Garden School of Art, who specialize in teaching fine art and creative thinking to youth. In these all new, 4-day art camps your artist will complete 8 different works using more than 5 mediums. You will be proud to display your artist's masterpieces including landscapes, seascapes, animals, and floral pieces. Students will learn to paint with heavy and light acrylics and watercolors. They will learn techniques to draw with pencils, charcoals, and oil pastels while learning time-saving methods, color mixing, composition and perspective. ***Don't forget to bring paper towels, a snack, and wear old t-shirt.

Thursday, May 4, 2017