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86 year old Mesquite author releases her 2nd book of adventures of adding values in family life.

At the age of 84 years young, Pauline Taite released her first delightful book, allowing the reader to see the gleam of humor and intelligence in the eyes of the gray mule, Alec, that most people don’t see. 

Now at the age of 86, Mrs. Taite is releasing her second book 11-3-14, and it contains even more special stories with adventures that will delight young and old alike.  Many of the trendy children’s story books look past their pets for something more “exciting,” and they miss the messages of love, value of family, trust, dependability and other traditional values that are shared in these “Alec” journeys. If you enjoyed the mule in the "Donkey Ball-Game," you are sure to get many giggles from some of Alec’s newest adventures. 

Available in Kindle format from Amazon here. 

Free promo will run from 11-5-2014 through 11-8-2012.

All of the stories in this collection, including those told through the eyes of the mule, are based on real happenings and the author hopes you will enjoy reading them as much as she did in the writing.


Five Star Review:

Fun stories that apply to the hearts of children and adults as they explore their friendships with animals. These stories highlight the innocent wishes of animals to be loved and to be part of the human family. They also observe the animals’ efforts to protect and serve their families in a way that children understand at a very deep level. These precious stories also point out many positive values that are important for our children to hear about and allow imagination in their own friendships with their pets. The stories about Alec, the mule, are written from his view and create a fun and fresh prospective.


Five Star Review:

It is refreshing to read a children’s book that reinforces the art of “love”.  Although this book does not use the word “love” a lot, the real message behind these stories rings loud and clear.  Love is demonstrated in many different ways as Alec and his family share experiences that are based on true stories that will touch many hearts. Great read for helping children learn basic values.


About the Author

Pauline has led a long and full life of varied experiences that bring such depth and warmth to her writing. She was born in 1928 on a small farm and ranch in rural Texas. That means she experienced the Great Depression up close and personal, World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam. She watched as the civil rights movement unfolded, and she grew up hearing about how women only gained the right to vote nationwide shortly before she was born. She left the farm life to go to the big city where she modeled and later ran her own interior decorating business. These perspectives from country life, hardship, changing civil rights, and perseverance are reflected in her stories which are also peppered liberally with family love, taking care of one another, inner strength and courage. She raised five children to whom she taught values, character and courage to do what is right. Some might call her opinionated; some say it's strong convictions; but others lovingly laugh and know that it's not a coincidence that one of her favorite characters is a mule.