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Is your high school student interested in pursuing a medical career?  Many colleges and universities are now requiring a CNA certification, Certified Nursing Assistant before a student can begin in the school's nursing program.  To obtain a CNA license in Texas students must complete academic coursework and clinical skills training.  Dallas Christian School in Mesquite is adding a new Health Sciences Program with CNA Certification in the Fall of 2019.  DC will be the only private school in Texas to offer a Certified Nurse's Assistant (CNA) program for their students.  This program will introduce our high school students to the medical field before college and will position our graduates to go into nursing or pre-med programs more prepared.    A grant was awarded to the school that will provide all of the needed equipment for the program including hospital beds, a lab, and a state of the art human patient simulator. The patient simulator is the same level of technology that is used at Baylor School of Nursing.  

Dallas Christian is excited to add Melissa Jedlicka, RN, to the staff as Director of Health Sciences to coordinate our CNA certification program as well as run the simulation lab.  She previously worked at Baylor Medical Center and is an adjunct professor at Trinity Valley Community College.  Mrs. Jedlicka will be working with students this year on prerequisite courses and preparing the coursework and clinical opportunities for the CNA program.  If your student is interested in a future in medicine, we are happy to provide more information on how a CNA certification could benefit them.





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